7 Feb 2014


Hi people, my name is Mélodie and I want to start blogging! 

First, let me tell you 2 -3 things about me. I am originally from France but I have been living in Singapore for more than 4 years now. I am currently doing my PhD at NUS. By the way, please forgive my English, I am by no means a native speaker and my writing is still very rudimentary.

I want to start blogging! Recently, I have been trying to improve my lifestyle in many different ways. This has involved an extensive mining of information and I have discovered so many wonderful blogs and resources on my journey. This blog is a way to share my thoughts on the topics I have been interested in.

And these are the topics I am particularly interested in at the moment (this list might grow over time):

This section will probably include skincare, makeup, haircare, bodycare etc...
Let me tell you that one of the most drastic change I have made during this last year was to completely re-think the way I use cosmetics. Previously I was never really paying attention to the ingredients present in my cosmetics. I was happily using whatever looked or smelled attractive enough. Then a time came when I realized that most of what I was using was full of nasty components. I started to educate myself in order to be able to choose my cosmetics in a smarter way and I am quite happy with my progress (although I still have many more things to learn). 

This section will include quite a variety of topics such as home, travel, etc.
Let's see how this one goes...

Recipes, ingredients, etc. I hope I can present healthy and yummy kitchen tips.

Et voilà. The first post is done. See you soon.


  1. j'adore ton blog! un tres bon debut. il manquerait plus qu une petite touche de personnalisation.

  2. merci :) je vais essayer de m'y mettre bientot pour tout ce qui est design et personalisation. merci pour le conseil. a bientot